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Toronto Maple Leafs And John Mccain No Change More Of The Same

That is nearly half of the season and leaves are in 11th place a position of fans and players are too similar to use. An agonising position for those who follow this team. Close enough to possibly make the playoffs, not low enough to get a better chance of John Tavares and other hot prospects. The 08 - 09 has been changed significantly team, the top guns were sold or retired and in return, the Leafs acquired a lot less talent and less expectations. The 2007-2008 season has been a year where coach Paul Maurice said the team has a great opportunity to challenge for the Stanley Cup. Very short. This season, Cliff Fletcher is out and told the faithful not to expect nothing but failure. The team is short. The 07 - 08 La Rosa had, on paper, a very solid team: Sundin, McCabe, Tucker, Raycroft.
8.1.09 09:18

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